We know you care about small family farms and healthy, locally available food. It is your financial support that fuels and sustains the work we do across Western NC. Your help is more important than ever as we work to make sure food dollars stay in the local economy, increase farm income in our community, and ensure that you have easy access to fresh and healthy local produce.

In 2017 we:

  • Worked with 34 farmers to help provide marketing, cold storage, and delivery of products
  • Provided two acres of farm access to Mountain Heritage HS FFA
  • Moved in to a new facility with additional cold storage capacity
  • Added ten new markets to support small family farms
  • Continued our partnership with Partners Aligned Towards Health (PATH) and Reconciliation House to provide food for those in need
  • Reinvested 90% of our funds in Yancey and Mitchell Counties to keep our dollars local
  • Provided access to locally grown food through our Community Supported Agriculture program

In Western NC, many families have farmed for generations. Historically, most grew tobacco but have since switched to produce. Produce is grown, sold, and marketed differently than tobacco, and managing the logistics can be incredibly inhibitive for resource-limited small farmers. On top of that, farmers today receive only 16 cents of every dollar spent on food, about half what they made in 1980. Small farmers have a particularly difficult time competing with farms hundreds or thousands of times their size.

TRACTOR provides support to over 50 small, local farmers by helping them sell their produce to area grocery stores and restaurants. We’re proud of the beautiful fruits and veggies our farmers produce right here in Western NC, proud to be decreasing our dependence on food trucked across the country, and proud to be bringing YOU local food that is healthier for you and the environment.

Please help us continue our work by sending a tax-deductible gift that will:

  • Provide Western NC with fresh, local, healthy food
  • Build a thriving economy in Western NC
  • Preserve Western NC’s farming heritage and environmental resources

With your help we can continue building a healthier community, healthier farms, and a healthier economy!

In order to confirm our 501(c)(3) designation with the IRS, find our listing under our full name Toe River Aggregation Center Training Organization Regional.


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