George and Terry Moffitt

Tater Hill Farm

Terry and George Moffitt, owners of Tater Hill Farm, are two of the most amiable people you’ll ever meet.  Folks love their positive attitude, and they have such kind smiles that children occasionally mistake them for Santa Clause. The father and son team has been farming together since George was a little boy. In many ways, George (now a grown man) is the motivation that keeps Terry going. He says “if it wasn’t for George, [he] wouldn’t still be [farming]” but he says George loves it, and as long as they can continue to make a living off of it, they’ll continue to farm together. George agrees. He says if he’s learned one thing from farming it’s that “it’ll make an old man out of you quick” but that he does love it and much prefers it to going to the city every day.

It is clear the two work well together and have a lot of respect for each other. Terry says that he appreciates the way he and George think alike—the way they’re “both always thinking ahead—and he really values George’s willingness to always try something different. George, he says, is also very seldom wrong, and “when he tells you a number, you can take it to the bank.” As for George, one of his favorite things about farming with his father, he says with a grin, is “pushing each other’s buttons.”

The Moffitts have been farming on Tater Hill for 70 years and their family had been in the area for generations before that. True to the name of the farm, the Moffits grow lots of potatoes. Some of them are truly unique and beautiful varieties—blue potatoes with deep blue skin and masquerade potatoes with purple and white swirls. The Moffits grow many things other than potatoes as well. Another one of their favorite things to grow, their specialty at TRACTOR, is their leafy greens: rainbow swiss chard, collards, and kale. They also enjoy experimenting with new crops and grow at least one new thing each year. This year it’s a new variety of tomato and red brussel sprouts.

The Moffits sell their red brussel sprouts and other produce they don’t sell through TRACTOR at the Johnson City Farmer’s Market, just across the TN border from their farm in Mitchell County. Terry says that aside from experimenting with growing new things, one of his favorite things about farming is working at the farmer’s market. He enjoys the camaraderie of it, as well as interacting with people and teaching them where their food comes from.