Equipment Rental


Need equipment that is too costly to buy alone? Don’t want to spend the money on something that’s only used once or twice a year? Want to experiment with new equipment? Look no further. Through our shared-use program, we provide equipment at a low daily rental fee (fees cover only maintenance costs).

Available Equipment:

  • BCS 853 Walk-behind Tractor: 13 hp power head that drives the various implements
  • 30 inch tiller: basic tiller ideal for seedbed preparation
  • 30 inch flail mower: for shredding cover crops or for mowing and reclaiming pastures
  • Rotary plow: this attachment turns over sod ground. Ideal for making raised planting beds
  • Cultivator: for controlling weeds
  • Potato Plow: for planting and harvesting potatoes

3-Point Hitch Equipment

  • Irrigation System: this system is complete with a Honda pump, sand filters and a fertilizer injector. Just hook into your drip tape system and go.
  • Water-wheel Transplanter: designed for setting transplants into the ground or plastic mulch
  • Poly Planter: direct seed through plastic
  • Plastic Mulch/Bedding Machine: forms a raised bed, lays drip tape, and lays plastic in one pass.
  • Plastic Mulch Lifter: undercuts and loosens plastic mulch to make cleanup much easier. Leaves it laying loose on the top of the ground
  • Plastic Mulch Spooler: this tool attaches to the end of the loosened plastic mulch and drip tape and winds up hundreds of feet onto a spool that is easily handled.

Pricing for TRACTOR Members

BCS Equipment: $25 per day for the entire package

3-Point Hitch Equipment: $25 per day for the bedder, transplanter, or lifter/spooler package

Irrigation System: $10 per day for all


To Rent equipment call us at 828-536-0126