Avery Austin

Yancey County (1/2 acre in production)









Avery has his cabbage field in Burnsville, NC. Everything fell into place for Avery to farm cabbage; he had the land and the resources, as well as the help to determine what the market wants. The most difficult part of the process for Avery is running the cabbage setter, but at the same time, this is his favorite part of the process because this is the most activity that is done in order to grow the cabbage.

Avery’s family has always been farmers, they grew up in North Carolina growing tobacco. Avery feels like growing cabbage is almost like the same thing, except it is produce. He just started growing on a new ½ acre plot in Burnsville.

“I think the best part about growing in this area is if you’re a local burnsville person, and someone drives by and sees something going on down here, then they would come down here and help it without even calling me or asking me. So that’s nice to me. I get like twenty calls a week from people just asking how my cabbage is doing.”

Avery gets a bit of help on the farm from his father as well, and a couple friends who helped plan it.

This is his first year growing with TRACTOR. He said he chose to go through us because.. “TRACTOR is more guaranteed than taking your chances with farmers markets if you wanted to grow something. It’s not a guarantee, but for my first time farming I don’t have any connections yet and may not ever get any connections from somebody who wants this many cabbage plants. I put a lot of time and a pretty good amount of money in it. I just hope it turns out good, but that’s just farming.”