Chris and Amy Deyton

Green Mtn. Farms

Yancey County (5 acres)

Cabbage, broccoli, peppers, sweet corn, red and white potatoes, bok choy.







Chris began growing produce roughly three years ago when TRACTOR provided him the opportunity do so, and now he grows exclusively for TRACTOR. Chris’ works full time with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, creating unique time-related challenges for his growing season. He, therefore, selects his crops based to supply minimal variations in harvesting periods. Having raised cattle, tobacco, and Christmas trees while growing up, Chris is embarking on a new adventure growing produce. He farms with the help of his brother Steve and Amy. They do all the harvesting on the farm by hand. Both brothers said that they love growing in this area because of the climate, the mountains makes the long days in the sun just a bit cooler.

You can see Chris’s cabbage, broccoli, peppers, sweet corn, red and white potatoes, and bok choy growing beautifully at Bowditch this season.