Drew Smoker

Jacks Creek Henterprises

Jacks Creek Henterprises is around a forty-chicken egg production operation in Burnsville, NC.

It is run by Drew Smoker who is a member of Mountain Heritage High School’s FFA Chapter. Drew is fourteen years old and has had pet chickens since she was in the second grade. Her mother always felt that kids are too far removed from food sources as well as death, and she did not want this to be the case with her children. Chickens die every three years so this seemed to be a good way to teach her children about life cycles.

Drew has a wide variety of breeds that lay different colored eggs. After receiving a grant from Organic Valley, Drew was able to keep more organic chickens. While it can be tough sometimes especially when dealing with the inevitable illnesses that will occur, Drew is obviously very passionate about raising hens and caring for them in order to produce the best eggs. She has help from her mother as well as Wayne Briggs, who helped her build her coops. This is her first year growing with TRACTOR. She was asked to contribute eggs to the CSA.

To keep up with Drew and her hens, follow her chicken page @jackscreekhenterprises on Instagram.