Eric Johnson

Yancey County

Squash, cucumbers, beans

Eric grows a couple different varieties of each of his crops, including half runner beans, cornfield beans, crookneck squash, straight neck squash, pickling cucumbers, and slicing cucumbers. Eric has lived in Burnsville his whole life, where he grew up farming tobacco with his parents. Both his parents and grandparents grew up and farmed in Burnsville. Eric says beans are his favorite to grow, and he does not have a least favorite, “I like to grow it all,” he says. Everything is done by hand on the farm, and he has help from his partner, Taylor.


When asked why he pursued farming, Eric says, “I always wanted to do it, I’d farmed growing up since I was small, but could never get the means to do it and the place to do it on my own until now. I wanted more than this, but this is a good start.” Eric is obviously passionate about farming because he said he just loves watching the plants grow (and being able to eat them!). The only time he doesn’t like farming is when, “I hate it when you work hard at something and it catches a disease or weeds take over.” This is Eric’s first year growing with TRACTOR.