George and Terry Moffitt

Tater Hill Farm

Mitchell County  (6.5-7 acres)

Broccoli, kale, collards, brussels sprouts, peppers, potatoes, and cabbage.

Tater Hill Farm is a 70-year-old family farm owned by father and son team, Terry and George Moffitt. Terry has been farming his whole life and, like many farmers in the area, he began as a tobacco farmer. He transitioned to vegetables in 1987 and now farms with the help of his partner and son, George.

Terry says he likes to grow the brussels sprouts the most; they are difficult to pick but a good selling crop. The main crop they grow for TRACTOR is kale, which they have seven different varieties of. They also sell to the farmers’ market in Johnson City, which is why they grow such a wide variety of crops. They have been growing on the land that they are at now for about four years.