Harley Fox

Yancey County

cabbage, cucumbers, and squash

Harley Fox was born and raised in Western North Carolina. His family like most, were tobacco farmers. He was twelve years old when he had his first tobacco crop. He says his favorite part of the process is cultivation. There really isn’t a part of farming that he doesn’t love. With the help of his children and four grandchildren he grows cabbage, cucumbers, and squash. They do most things on the farm mechanically except for some hoeing and when spraying needs to be done.
When Harley was growing up in this area farming was a way of life. He says,“It’s just something that gets in your blood and you like to do it. You enjoy eating what you grow and seeing other people eat what you grow.”
Harley owns and runs Bald Creek Tractor and Equipment, and has for many years. Many farmers come to Harley for tractor equipment questions or just farming questions in general.

One of Harley’s favorite quotes is by Thomas Jefferson. He has it hanging in his shop. The quote is “No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth”