Harold Davis

Davis Farms

Yancey County (12 acres)

Tomatoes, peppers,  cucumbers, beans, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, sweet corn, kale, squash, basil, pumpkins, potatoes.

Back in the 70’s Harolds brother in law got a little behind on a patch of tobacco and ended up giving it to Harold to take over. From that point on, he was hooked. When asked if there was anything he hated about farming he simply responded with “I don’t really hate anything about farming,  I love the work.” Harold grew up in Western North Carolina. He started growing full time in 1992. With the help of his farming partner Adam McCurry, wife Sandra, and nephews Keith and Eric, Harold manages around 12 acres in Yancey County. They do most things on the farm by hand, especially when it comes to the harvesting. He was the first in the area to implement plasticulture and to open his own produce stand, selling produce from his own farm.

Harolds favorite thing to grow is heirloom tomatoes. He has about twenty varieties growing this season. “I just like to watch it grow”, he said when asked why he loves farming.

While nearly 60% of retail sales are at his stand, Davis also sells his produce at farmer’s markets, chain stores, and, of course, with TRACTOR.