Jamie McCabe

Jolly Growin’ Farm

Yancey County 

Baby pam pumpkins, chard, kale.

Jamie grew up in south Florida on the beach, with no farmers in the family. He is a self taught chef turned farmer, and became interested in farming after years of working in the restaurant industry.  Because his background working with food, knowing where food comes from is important to Jamie. He began to get a taste of farm life at Washington State near Seattle, and went on to volunteer on a farm as a CSA work share member. He ran a farm in 2010 in Flat Rock NC then worked on a CSA farm in Montana. When he and his wife, Molly, moved to Burnsville it seemed to make sense to start a farm of their own.

Jamie grows mostly baby pam pumpkins, as well as chard and kale. They just moved to a new piece of land from South Toe; the new place having more space to grow pumpkins. He likes growing the pumpkins because there isn’t a lot to take care of so it’s fun to just watch them grow.

Jamie says things grow well here and the beauty of Yancey county is what brought them here, along with the community and artists. He also works at mountain air country club as a facilities manager and gardener. He has an eight year old daughter who holds the title of their professional bug identifier and eradicator.