Jeff Vance

Pine Grove Farms

Avery County

potatoes, pumpkins, and Christmas trees

Jeff Vance is not only one of our farmers for TRACTOR but he is also a Mitchell County extension agent. Jeff grew up in Avery County, North Carolina and has been farming for about 20 years, along with being an extension agent the past 24 years.  His love of agriculture started with growing Christmas trees, which he has been doing since high school. He grows potatoes, pumpkins and Christmas on his farm in Avery County. He says that growing pumpkins and potatoes are his favorites. He started growing pumpkins for fun when his children were younger. The income he has made through farming over the years has helped put his kids through school. He says that his favorite part of the process is harvesting. “I just like being outside,” he said when asked what he liked best about growing in this area. Even though sometimes the weather can be a little unpredictable, which is his least favorite part, he has continued to farm because of his love of the outdoors.

Jeff has been growing with TRACTOR for three years now and said that working with TRACTOR makes his job easier because we find the market for the farmers. TRACTOR gives him more time to be in the field or somewhere else in Mitchell County helping out his fellow farmers.