Jerome and Lorie Bell

LnJ Farms

McDowell County (2.5-3 acres)

Jalapenos, Chilies, Serranos, Kale, Collards

Both veterans, Lori and Jerome Bell are originally from Georgia but relocated to Burnsville NC a couple years ago. After spending an entire year looking for property here they stumbled upon a great spot that they love in Marion NC. They knew they wanted to start farming so this flat property was perfect. With changes in climate and soil associated with their geographic changes, the Bells reevaluated the optimal crop for production, moving away from the collards they grew in Yancey County and deciding to grow peppers in their new location. They currently have about three acres in production right now. While they were in Burnsville NC, however they found TRACTOR food and farms and knew they wanted to sell through them.

Jerome’s family is Georgia has been farming for over 100 years. Along with his father and grandfather have a large impact on him, his old neighbor Mr. Vernon also played a large role in his farming career. He spent a lot of time helping Mr. Vernon on his farm.


Since they have been on their property they have been mostly focusing on growing peppers. Their  favorite thing so far to grow is serrano peppers. They have a couple different varieties this season to figure out what works best for them. Next season they plan on hopefully focusing completely on their farming. Lori said her favorite part of the process is harvesting because you get to see what you have done. They both love knowing that someone will get to eat and enjoy it.