Jim Edwards

Edwards Farm

Yancey County (17 acres)

Potatoes, peppers, corn, onions, beans

Edwards Farm, owned by Jim Edwards, is a 10 year old, 17 acre farm in Yancey County. Jim grew up on a dairy farm and later, ran a tobacco and beef operation. He says the farm brought his family together and instilled values such as hard work, teamwork, tenacity, dependency, and doing a job properly. He inherited the farm he owns from his family. After the tobacco buyout, he transitioned to produce, specializing in green bell, jalapeno and serrano peppers. When asked why he likes growing peppers the most he said “it gives me a sense of satisfaction to grow peppers as big as pumpkins.” Experiencing the valuable service of creating markets and handling produce marketing for local farmers, Jim is now the warehouse manager at TRACTOR food and farms. Jim says that the best thing about growing and working in this area is the people. He loves the farming community in Yancey County.