June and Tony Honeycutt

Little Creek Nursery

Yancey County  (1 acre)

Shiitake mushrooms

Little Creek Nursery, owned by June and Tony Honeycutt, is located in Burnsville. June is a Yancey County native, her family has been in the area since the early 1800s and has farmed for many generations. She and Tony decided to start a plant nursery after taking horticulture classes and becoming very interested in caring for young plants. The nursery sells a wide variety of plants including native azalea and rhododendron, though about five years expanded the business to also include mushrooms. Mushrooms are a good crop because they are able to produce in the off-season. They currently sell their shiitake mushrooms through TRACTOR.

You can also find her mushrooms and her seedlings at Little Creek Nursery (Little Creek Rd, Burnsville)