Keith and Eric Hensley

Nephews of one of our long time farmers Harold Davis, Keith and Eric are both Mountain Heritage High School Students. This is the first year with their own crop of cabbage that they are growing at Bowditch Bottoms.  They said that they chose cabbage because it is one of their favorite things to grow, its an easy crop, and it has a great market. They both said they like to grow just about anything but they aren’t big fans of grape tomatoes, or beans because of the time commitment. Both boys really enjoy farming and are learning a lot from their experiences this summer. “I’ve done it all my life, ever since I was little” said Keith. They do most things on the farm by hand, depending on what they are doing.

Their uncle Harold along with Adam McCurry, an extension technician in Burnsville in NC and Harold Davis’s Farming partner, have been helping the boys get started this season.

Their favorite thing about farming is watching things grow. Keith said he see’s farming in his future while Eric said he might try something else when he is older. TRACTOR could not be more excited to see more young people interested in farming. They said that growing with us has given them more options when it comes to a market and even helping them get a better price for their produce.