Kenny and Becky Wilson

Lucky Leaf Farms

Yancey County


Kenny’s father started the business in the 80’s, and after he passed away Kenny and Becky took over. They grow all of their lettuce hydroponically. Kenny’s father had originally been growing tobacco hydroponically, but once the market in Tobacco fell, the Wilson’s switched to lettuce. They experimented for a while and then choose two varieties when they figured out what worked best. They can grow a whole head of lettuce in about a month and they grow all year-round. The two varieties they chose were a summer variety that is very heat resistant which works out really well for this very hot weather, and a winter variety that can stand the colder temperatures.

They sell their lettuce to TRACTOR along with a few other outlets. They both said that their lettuce is great for sandwiches or in a salad mix. Sometimes Becky will even make bouquets with her lettuce.

Kenny and Becky do all of the work on the farm with help from their son Trey. Becky’s favorite part is transplanting; she said she can do it by herself and it’s peaceful. They have been selling with TRACTOR for about 4 years now. TRACTOR makes it easier for them when it comes to the marketing and distributing side of the business.