Matthew Horney

Appalachian Farms

Burke County (30 acres in produce)

Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, potatoes, and half runner beans

Matthew ,and growing partner Cale Smith, stay busy growing for TRACTOR and also running a successful Christmas Tree farm in Elk Park, NC. Matthew grew up in the farming world. His grandfather started growing cabbage, moved to cattle, and finally settled on Christmas Tree farming, which is what got Matthew started in the Christmas tree business. For TRACTOR, Matthew grows cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, half runner beans, and potatoes. His favorite crop to grow is squash. He said that he likes growing squash the most because it is a fairly quick crop and there aren’t a lot of pest problems. His least favorite thing to grow is tomatoes. Growing tomatoes can change quickly from year to year and other crops offer more stability. Matthew and Cale do most things on the farm by hand other than putting the plastic down. When asked why he decided to pursue farming Matthew simply said he really enjoys it. “It’s a challenge, and the everyday watching it to see what needs to be done, a lot of scouting to make sure you don’t have problems, that’s my favorite part.” Like most farmers, Matthew’s favorite part each growing season is the harvesting. He has farming land in Elk Park NC as well as Morganton NC. He has been growing with TRACTOR for four years now and said that we make the marketing side of farming so much easier for him.

Matthew also sells his produce is in local Packing Houses, Avery Produce, and at his on-site produce stand.