Mike Riddle

Riddle Farms

Yancey County (1 acre)

Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash.

Riddle Farms is a 1 acre family farm located in Yancey County. Owner, Mike Riddle, comes from a long standing Yancey County farming family. Mike started out growing tobacco, Christmas trees, and tomatoes. While he still grows the tomatoes which is what he primarily sells to TRACTOR, he has stopped growing Christmas trees and tobacco, focusing instead on vegetable crops.

Mike has been living and farming on the land he is at currently since he was only 3 years old. Farming and gardening is Mike’s therapy. Mike likes the beginning of the process the most, starting to plant is the easiest part. Mike and his wife, Vicky, also run an Airbnb and have a wedding venue on their farm.

Mike also sells his produce to Pigs and Grits (Burnsville), Bantam Chef (Burnsville), and from his truck along 19E east of Burnsville, right outside Ken’s Muffler Shop.