Norris Davis

Gortney Farms

Yancey County

Squash and half runner beans

Norris Davis grew up in the area. His family, like most, grew tobacco, so he has been farming his entire life. On top of farming for TRACTOR, Norris also works third shift at Feldspar Corps in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. When asked what he likes most about farming he simply said, “Everything… It’s an American thing.” Norris grows squash and half runner beans. He chose these because most people don’t like to grow beans because of all the manual labor, but he doesn’t mind to go through and pick them by hand. His goal is to have two earlier harvests this season and then donate all of his last harvest to people in need.

Norris does everything on the farm, from the planting to the picking. As he says, it’s “Just me and Jesus.” This is his first year growing with TRACTOR. In the past his farm has been just a family garden, but this year he decided to expand and try his luck farming for the public. He said if money wasn’t an object, he would farm everyday of his life.