Sean Wilson

Serious Dog Farm

Buncombe County


Sean Wilson grows six varieties of hydroponic lettuce at Smith Mill Works in Asheville, North Carolina. He says growing butterhead lettuce is his favorite because it is the most heat tolerant variety, and works the best for greenhouse growing. “I’m really just trying to be as efficient and productive as possible” he said during his interview. This is Sean’s first year growing commercially so he is trying new things and figuring out what works best for his farm. His love of farming and gardening began when he was little. His mother always had a garden and he said some of his first memories are working in the garden with her. He served as an agriculture extension specialist in Ethiopia in the Peace Corps for two years. He taught people in his village about hydroponics and how to be most efficient with it. He said his favorite thing about growing in this area is the community and the support they show for local food. He loves being outside everyday in these mountains. His favorite part of the whole process is harvesting because of how rewarding it is.

This is Sean’s first year as a TRACTOR grower. This is his first year growing commercially and he said he has really enjoyed it and learned a lot.