Steve Deyton

Yancey County 

Broccoli, cabbage, peppers, sweet corn, winter squash, red potatoes, white potatoes, and bok choy.

Steve grows with his brother and farming partner Chris Deyton. Chris and Steve grew up in Burnsville farming with their parents who grew tobacco and Christmas trees. Steve and Chris chose the crops that they did because for the most part they only have one harvesting time. This makes it easier for them since they both work full time jobs as well as farm. Whereas some other crops need to be harvested daily. All their harvesting is done by hand. Their wives, kids, and parents will all help on the farm when needed. They have been growing with tractor for the past four years. Growing with tractor has made farming easier by eliminating the need to hunt for a market. They like growing in this area because of the climate, the mountains makes the long days in the sun a bit cooler. Even though they both has full time jobs, Steve says they do it just because they love it. “The boys at work ask me why I do this, and I say well you play golf…. this is what I do.”