Steven Stedillie

Treehouse Family Farms

Yancey County

Kale, tomatoes, cilantro, radishes, turnips, carrots, lettuce

Steven and his wife, Lauren, recently moved to the Burnsville area. They chose Burnsville because it is close to Asheville, it’s a great local food hub, and also a great spot for Lauren who makes and sells her jewelry in Asheville, NC. They love this area as well as Asheville.

Steven has a degree in Botany. He said his journey here all started with a love of plants. His father raised cattle while he was growing up so his interest in farming started young. He grows a variety of cherry and heirloom tomatoes in a greenhouse. He grows them using a technique that will allow the vines to grow up to almost 80 feet long allowing them to get the most of the vine as he can. Stevens parents also help them on the farm.

This is his first season with TRACTOR. They try to focus on crops that they can flip over quickly. Tomatoes are his favorite thing to grow because they are the most challenging. He also loves growing cilantro because it is incredibly hard to grow in this area without it bolting. He sells to TRACTOR in addition to some restaurants in Asheville. When asked why he loved farming Steven said “For me it’s kind of a daily meditation, I just like that this is my job… this is fun for me, it makes me feel fulfilled.”