What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A typical CSA model has the following components: 1.) A single farm selling directly to the consumer. 2.) The consumer pays a large lump sum to the farmer at the beginning of the season. 3.) The farmer then delivers a “box” of produce each week to the consumer, depending upon what is ripe and ready to harvest each week. While this model presents many benefits, TRACTOR follows a slightly different model.

TRACTOR Grower, Jim Edwards harvests peppers


The TRACTOR Difference

TRACTOR sources the produce for each CSA box from multiple farms in WNC. This allows the consumer access to a larger variety of fresh local produce than that which is offered on just a single farm.

TRACTOR offers a spring, summer, fall CSA season, lasting 6 weeks and a winter CSA season lasting 4 weeks. The customer only has to commit to a single season at a time, as opposed to an entire growing season. This makes it a more flexible option for many customers.

TRACTOR works with local business to provide CSA’s for their employees. Many times this is part of the wellness programs for these businesses. TRACTOR often uses payroll deduction as the method of payment. So instead of paying a large lump sum upfront, the payment is broken down over the frequency of the pay periods. This makes CSA membership possible for more families who could not afford to pay a large amount at once.


TRACTOR Grower, Billy Bryant

Interested in joining TRACTOR CSA?

We are currently no longer accepting members for 2017. If you are interested in signing up or starting a TRACTOR CSA at your workplace for 2018, please email or call 828-536-0126.