At TRACTOR Food & Farms, we believe that you deserve the food that’s grown right here in these mountains. That’s why we created Farefield, a food subscription service for everyone in our community. Farefield accepts SNAP/EBT, doubling the value of dollars spent. You can sign up anytime, cancel anytime following the instructions below.


“How do I sign up to use SNAP/EBT with Farefield?”

There are 3 important steps to follow when ordering your first Farefield share online using SNAP/EBT

  1. You must select TRACTOR or Feed-A-Child as your pickup location. At this time we can only accept SNAP/EBT payment in-person, these are the two pickup locations outfitted for accepting payment.
  2. Use the checkout code: SNAPEBT
  3. After your SNAP coupon code has been accepted select “Pay Offline”

Click Here For Pricing and Sign Up

“How does pricing work when doubling the value of SNAP/EBT payment?”

When purchasing any community-grown Fruits & Vegetables through Farefield, the value of SNAP/EBT dollars spent will be doubled! This means a $40 Family Size bag purchased using SNAP is charged as a $20 bag. SNAP/EBT dollars are only doubled when purchasing Fruits & Vegetables, Meats, Dairy, Grains, Baked Goods, and other Value Added items will be charged at full price when selected. 


While shopping, as long as at least 50% of the complete purchase is produce, then SNAP/EBT purchases can still double in value. For example, if you purchase $20 worth of eggs, meat, dairy, value added items using SNAP/EBT, the matching $20 would be applied to the produce.


If you do not currently have SNAP/EBT and are interested in how you may be eligible to use SNAP with Farefield, you can view the information below to learn more about applying for SNAP.

Click Here for SNAP Application Information